Asia Garden in Early Summer

The design concept for the Asia Garden was in part to evoke the character of beautiful wildflower meadows that I had seen in Sichuan – the image of Chinese natural landscape that is not widely recognised in the West.  These were mainly wet meadows, full of Iris, Persicaria and Primulas (an example pictured here).  In early summer, the Asia Garden in the Olympic Park gets closest to this feel, as Iris flowers amongst the fresh grass foliage.

Above: One of the featured Irises is Iris chrysographes, which I had seen frequently in wild stream side and wet meadow habitats, here used in large numbers in the Asia Garden.

Below: At this time also, the main summer combinations are coming into their own.  Here Thalictrum delavayi ‘Album’ is coming into flower, together with Hosta ‘Tall Boy’, and an underplanting of the white Tiger Lily hybrid Lilium ‘Sweet Surrender’.

The flowering of the white alliums in the spring is over now, but this simple combination of white alliums, the grass Hackenochloa macra, and Japanese Anemones has a continuous beauty and freshness from April through to November.

Below is a gallery of images of the Asia Garden in early summer.  Click on an image to enlarge or stop the slideshow