The Asia Garden in May

In May the Asia Garden is rich in texture.  The aim for this garden was always to be a little different from the others, and for it to achieve much of its effect from the sumptuous combinations of foliage forms, colours and textures, right through the year, rather than through an ever-changing diversity of flowers. In no other month is this expressed more beautifully than May, as the new foliage of the perennials and grasses is such a rich deep green, and is still so full of life.  That’s not to say that there is no flowering interest.  One of the most dramatic flowering effects happens now, as blocks and strips of the pure white Allium ‘Everest’ come into flower.  The boldness of the white globes flowering amongst the foliage ground layer, with no other colour distractions, is very striking.

Above: Allium ‘Everest’.

Below: The fresh green of the young growth of the curved Box hedge sweeps through the foliage mounds of perennials and grasses.

Below is a gallery of photos of the Asia Garden in Spring.  Click on an image to enlarge or to stop the slide show