Olympic Park Europe Garden in August

In August the Europe Garden takes on its late summer aspect as a whole new layer pushes through.  The white daisies of Leucanthemum ‘T.E.Killin’ have now faded into the background.  The grasses are ripening and creating a golden haze.  And there is now the final colour transition, as the purple-blue of Devil’s Bit Scabious, Succisa pratensis, creates the main visual impression, together with scattered Purple Loosestrife, Lythrum virgatum ‘Dropmore Purple’.  The thimble flower heads of Sanguisorba officinalis now deepen to a deep crimson and stud themselves amongst the ripe grasses.

Since the spring the garden has gone through four distinct phases: from the bright yellow-green of early spring, and then to the deep green and red of late spring, then the bright white of midsummer, and now finally to the purple and blue of late summer.

Above: it is difficult to believe that just a few weeks previously the whole area was white with Shasta Daisies.  Now they are submerged beneath the layers of ripening grasses, Succisa and Sanguisorba.

Below is a gallery of photographs from the Europe Garden in August.  Click on an image to enlarge or to stop the slideshow