Olympic Park Europe Garden early June

At the end of May and into early June the Europe Garden undergoes the first of its dramatic transformations as the bright yellow-green of earlier in the spring fades into the background and the gardens take on their full appearance of an enhanced wildflower meadow.  Euphorbia palustris that was so prominent earlier in the year now becomes part of the green backdrop, along with the rich foliage of the grass, Achnatherum calamagrostis.

Bright scarlet Lychnis chalcedonica, The Maltese Cross, erupts through this green layer across the whole area.  The combination of red and green is a striking combination.  Phlomis russeliana, planted in monocultural strips and blocks is also in full flower.

But it is the beginning of the flowering period of the Shasta Daisy cultivar, Leucanthemum ‘T. E. Killin’ that signals the beginning of the next dramatic phase of the plantings.  The white daisy flowers mimic the oxeye daisies of the traditional hay meadow, but they are bigger and bolder, and flower for far longer.  For 2012, large numbers of the grass, Deschampsia cespitosa ‘Gold Veil’ were included and the haze of flowers of this grass combined with the opening daisies creased a very bold impression.  This can be a short-lived grass, and was included to create the grassy matrix in the early years of the garden, before the main long-term grass, Achnatherum calamagrostis, became well established.

Below is a gallery of photographs of the Europe Garden in early June.  Click on an image to enlarge