Olympic Park Europe Garden in October

In October the Europe Garden has reached its full maturity.  The grasses are fully bleached, and the seed heads of the Giant Scabious, Cephaleria gigantea, Sanguisorba officinalis, and Inula magnifica are black against the silvery grasses.  Coming full circle, Euphorbia palustris, which was the main display species of early to mid spring now makes another appearance as it colours up red and pink for the autumn.  The formal curved clipped box hedges that become submerged under the exuberance of the summer flowering, now start to re-assert themselves as the main plantings start to become more sparse as autumn progresses.

A new grass enters the scene at this time of year.  Purple Moor Grass, Molinia caerulea, has played a background role so far, but comes into full flower now.  Two cultivars are used: the shorter upright ‘Moorexe’ and the taller, fountaining ‘Transparent’.  The upright seed heads of Phlomis russeliana are now virtually black against the autumn grasses.

Above: a diversity of forms and textures in the Europe Garden in early October.

Below is a gallery and slide show of photographs from the Europe Garden in October.  Click on an image to enlarge or to stop the slide show.